Coffee Bar On Wheels

Coffee Bar On Wheels - Coffee Bar Su Ruote

Original metropolitan style.

Also available as Ice-Cream Bar!

This Coffee Bar is quick and versatile, it revolutionizes the bar unit concept: it is equipped with wheels and ergonomic to get the best work practicality.

It is in line with the times, convertible and technological, thanks to the aluminium structure is light and easily transportable to accomplish every movement.

It can be carried just in 2 minutes from side to side or even placed outside, it’s conceived for indoors and outdoors.

It’s perfect also as corner bar for prestigious buffet: totally independent, just needs electric current.

It’s provided with lighting, refrigerator and sink and can be also equipped with coffee machine and crêpes, containers for ice cream, grill…

Colour customizable among infinite selection of lacquered and laminate shades.

All the products are 100% “Made in Italy” by DESIGN SOLUTION SRL.

Voor meer informatie en direct contact kunt u uw inhoudelijke aanvraag naar ons MAILEN!

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