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Our company is specialized in Contract, a sector where DESIGN SOLUTION works directly or in partnership with other companies.

We offer design studio, realization of customized products, decorations of every kind, interior design.
All the products are 100% “Made in Italy”.

We offer constantly developing customized products; they are bespoke and carefully conceived with our clients depending on need and budget.

Our service is addressed to architects, interior designers, general contractors and project managers; we offer an innovative and fully customizable furnishing solution for public and private areas (villas, hotels, flats, shops, bars, etc.)

The design services we offer are:
• Functionality studio.
• Space optimization and visual merchandising studio.
• Whole project studio: stylistic and aesthetic concept elaboration, also in 3D.
• Illuminating engineering studio.
• Research and expert advice about materials.

From starting project to your turnkey place!

We offer three kinds of service: just design studio, planning project construction and the whole process (from design studio to final realization with custom-made furnishings for hotels, restaurants, both in Italy and abroad).
We offer design solutions and research of customized materials as well as a complete service. All that always with best professionalism, flexibility and efficiency.

Our highly qualified employee is composed by well-experienced designers, famous architects, skilled artisans, specialized technicians and fitters; all of them interpret and accomplish every demand of our clients. 
This is possible because we have direct control on each phase of the interiors creation process: design studio, consultancy on site and ad hoc furnishings realization.

Experience and creativity, evocative lights, shapes and colors, attention to every little detail all together create a perfect combination of beauty and practicality. The befitting look for your place.

Our planning service for appearance and functionality is conceived and developed in each detail with the maximum care to bring the best profit to your successful enterprise.

Voor meer informatie en direct contact kunt u uw inhoudelijke aanvraag naar ons MAILEN!

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