Corner Bar

Corner Bar 

Eclectic and versatile, CORNER 01 is both an object and a location; it is unique and multifunctional; both a corner bar and a point of sale; boasting stylish details and elements of urban design, it is lightweight and exceptionally durable, modular, and completely customizable.

Multifunctional Design

Made in Italy movement.

Our technical department, representing the best exponents of the fresh, dynamic and innovative.

The imperative ideal from which we started has been to attain a total fusion between form and functionality: without sacrificing elegance and style, aims to attract all eyes, contemporaneously offering a thousand different
interpretations due to his flexibility. 

It presents itself as a catalyst for attracting attention, illuminated from inside,
giving it an edge as a detail in urban furnishing and a core design element, able to transform every kind of public space.

Not limited to being solely a corner bar, but also a point of sale or mobile station to add value to the most diverse type of products.

All the products are 100% “Made in Italy” by DESIGN SOLUTION SRL.

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