Moka Coffee Bar

Moka Coffee Bar

This model is available in two different versions : 
• MOKA 01: height 530 cm - width 300 cm - 600 kG
• MOKA 02 ON WHEELS: height 240 cm - width 180 cm - 300 kG

It’s perfect for indoors and outdoors, totally customizable inside with extra equipment, and branded outside.
Steel and Aluminum for indoors and outdoors.

All the products are 100% “Made in Italy” by DESIGN SOLUTION SRL.



It’s a painted zinc-coated iron structure; the panels are made in composite aluminum with 3 mm thickness.
The floor can be realized with a dais in wood, you can place the Moka on the ground but with only if below there is a reinforced cement layer or with a metal structure as ground.
The electric and water connections have to be realized on the place, we can provide as options only the sink with water system plus pump and tanks.
The structure has nothing inside.
The light plan and the electric system have to be made by the client.
The anti-slip layer can be made on demand. 
With regard to the transport the item will come disassembled; a small crane is needed.
All the certifications and CE standards will be provided, the warranty lasts 5 years.

TURN KEY delivery is possible!

Official Distributer in the Netherlands (and Belgium): ITALIAN FOOD TRUCKS 

Voor meer informatie en direct contact kunt u uw inhoudelijke aanvraag naar ons MAILEN!

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